Monday, October 15, 2012

Germany and the EU are subsidizing German exports

" ...Ein mindestens ebenso wichtiger Grund sind die weitreichenden Ausnahmen für energieintensive Industrieunternehmen. Allein im vergangenen Jahr beliefen sie sich auf insgesamt 8,6 Milliarden Euro..."  An at least equally important reason is the wide-ranging exemptions for energy-intensive industries. Last year alone, they totaled 8.6 billion euros.

If the German consumer or businessman has to incur, directly or indirectly, a Green tax, under any name, but the energy intensive industries are exempt from such tax, and such industries cater primarily to Germany's exports, then the German taxpayers are subsidizing their country's exports.  Not the end of the world (at least not the end of this neo-mercantilistic world).

If Germany, through the EU, and bizarre EU "policies" has forced other EU members and their industries to adopt Green taxes, but German energy intensive industries are exempt from such taxes, this is also an indirect EU subsidy to Germany energy intensive exports. It is not the only one, but this is not relevant right here.

Germany, through the EU, has imposed bizarre and arbitrary 20-20-20 goals to EU members, under the guise of saving the Planet from some imminent catastrophe, in addition to carbon taxes or the threat of carbon taxes, driving the mechanism.  This resulted in most countries, especially non-nuclear, non-hydroelectric countries to scramble to import manufactured goods from primarily Germany, and to a lesser extent Denmark, and Spain, with European electricity providers such as EDF and ENEL acting as the middleman is a emissions trading scheme by operating wind "farms". The net result is a further subsidy and competitive advantage for the German export industry. German solar panels and wind generators, are subsidized through forced sales to EU's periphery countries, funded by local consumers' inflated electricity bills.

Free trade may be a thing of the past, but this is a neo-feudal arrangement to subsidize a single country's exports to the rest of the world.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Europe is a safe place to invest

Reuters:  The eurozone's terrible mistake:  Ms Merkel agreed that private sector bondholders would not be asked to bear some of the losses in any future sovereign debt restructuring, as she had insisted this year in the case of Greece’s second bail-out. However, future eurozone bonds will still include collective action clauses providing for potential voluntary rescheduling of private debt.

Ms Merkel said it was imperative to show that Europe was a “safe place to invest”

"Europe" is as safe as a concentraiton camp.  You are allowed to vote, as long as you vote for the right thing. Europe has its own money, just like old times. It is even working on a low karbon footprint eko-kar.

Here is more euro money. Ms. Merkel has never heard of FREE markets. FREEDOM of choice.

Monday, October 17, 2011

We have set forth in this blog what appears as evidence that the current "Green" movement -- the Antropogenic Global Warming and the ensuing Renewable Energy craze -- may have German origins. Of course, there are non-German entities that have been promoting either AGW, or Renewables, as well as Germans that are objecting to both.

Coincidentally, the rhetoric in Europe against "the excesses (or weaknesses) of the markets" or the "unreasonable power of the rating agencies" also appears to have the same geographic epicenter.

It is interesting that neo-socialists and Greens now seem to relish joining the Occupy Wall Street movement. Wall Street may have been guilty of excesses, cronyism,  inadequate self-regulation in the post Glass-Steagall abolition era and the loss of conservatism in accounting rules, and a myriad other evils.   Wall Street may also be a convenient scapegoat. Regardless of Wall Street's guilt or lack therof, the Green-Socialist connection makes yet another appearance and the source of the rhetoric may not be the ...U.S.S.R.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Neither Scientific nor American (but all Business)

I have been a fan of Scientific American forever. I used to spend hours leafing through back issues stacked on a bookshelf in my old man's office; I could not understand much, but the pictures were interesting and it was not long before I got in trouble electrolyzing a caustic soda water solution with a 48V 100W DC power supply scavenged by a friend.

Much to my chagrin I just cancelled my long-standing subscription, ending a collection going back to the 50's. The reason is simple: I have had enough propaganda conveniently interspersed amongst always interesting articles.

Science can be controversial or hard to understand but this is not about science, or even controversial science, it is about years of non sequitur statements, opinions presented as conclusions, all with a common objective: For me to "believe" that (1) the climate is changing, (2) climate change is anthropogenic, (3) I can and must do something about it, (4) I should support local and global legislation to that effect and, oh by the way, every solution available to mankind on the matter is made in Germany.

Scientific American has been lobbying quite openly for matters which are being discredited and has received criticism from several sources and that must have hurt as they felt obliged to answer, which put them more on the spot.  This is not a scientific magazine, it is a 25 year marketing effort of the German Green Business Plan.  Subtle innocuous articles on bleaching corals, the disadvantages of free trade, arbitrary opinions presented as God-provided truths, planning, planning, planning and solutions.  With no due respect, the language is similar to wind lobby handouts, Greenpeace propaganda and German Ministry of Industry sites (and I have studied quite a few).  Here is a casual sample from 1993:

And here I decided to get cute and turn the stone under author Henry N. Pollack, visitor of Zambia in the 1970's and Chairman of the "International Heat Flow Commission", presumably back in 1993... What is the International Heat Flow Commission?

It is some German outfit exploring the planet from a geophysical heat transfer point of view.  In late June to early July year they will be in Melbourne peddling the same old hogwash:  low carbon!  How convenient... The Australian government appears to be in trouble with the proposed carbon tax and the master lobbyists and "scientific research" sponsors are coming to the rescue. Same pattern, same colors, same methods, similar NGO support.

The Germans absolutely positively need an Englisch speaking country to impose the carbon tax on itself lest they suffer from euro-loniless. The Australian PM is from here. The cuckoo birds happened to be passing by.  I swear, I have nothing to do with Australian politics... I just turned the stone over a bizarre 1993 Sciam article...

I wonder... isn't "Scientific" "American" in violation of the 1966 Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Carbon Guilt and the Green Redemption

“Doing good while making money” is the carefully cultivated theme of the Green Business Plan. The underlying ideology is the venerable recipe of "Guilt, Redemption and Salvation", something that Europe has excelled at as recently as the 17th century witch-hunts. Of course, the redemption for being a witch is no longer politically correct as it emits excessive CO2; we now have modern, efficient and tradeable instruments instead.

Since it was conceived in Germany in 1985, the Green Business Plan has built an empowering scientific framework, provided positive reinforcement here, scare tactics there, touches of messianic salvation from imminent doom and a fair amount of obfuscation on technical matters. It has also built political legitimacy among liberal, social democratic or simply well-intentioned people. The ideological mental construct driving the plan is the Salvation of the Planet from Anthropogenic Global Warming, as adjusted and amended by the cooling realities and falsifying climatologists. The scientists have opined that the Planet is in danger, it is our fault, let us repent by taxing ourselves and, oh by the way, we can offset taxes by buying wind-generators. And, coincidentally, the arbitrary carbon quotas will appreciate in value the more we tax ourselves.

There are various and distinct components of profit which include product sales, after-market service, ancillary add-ons, proprietary services, complete with artificial shortages, redeemable coupons, commissions from market making, political power, etc. These all have been allocated to suitable purveyors who automatically became the network of allies. They include the manufacturers of wind generators, connecting lines, proprietary network management, assorted photovoltaics, and smart meters; the designers and market makers of carbon credits; the electrical utilities acting as intermediaries and revenue collectors. Of course, politicians who find themselves in power and scientists who discover recognition are facilitators, each with their distinct motives.

The carbon market is the element that facilitates the globalization of the endeavor and makes allies of a new breed of financial intermediaries. It is just like the tulip market but instead of tulips, the object of desire is “salvation”. Just like in older European times, this promises to be big business, unless electricity consumers see it as nothing more than a money grab and just simply say “no”.

I found the carbon certificate here, the indulgence here

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