Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Professor Lindzen and Climate Change

There are many internet sites addressing Climate Change or Antropogenic Climate Change, in the context of the Green Fraud. Some relevant links are found at the end of this post.

Here is an interesting speech by Professor Lindzen of MIT which describes in a most eloquent way the not so subtle science politics of climate change.

Lidzen has co-authored an article, in February 2010, "On the observational determination of climate sensitivity and its implications". The article, as best as I can understand it, demonstrates that ERBS and CERES satellite atmospheric temperature readings show that any increase in Earth's temperature is largely offset by Earth's radiation to outer space, countering the catastrophic predictions of Climate Alarmists.

Here is a limited sample of internet sites that deal with climate change issues, ice caps, glaciers etc:

Cold facts on Global Warming
Heliogenic Climate Change
The Resilient Earth
Watts Up With That?

There are several volumes of information on CO2. Interesting statistics on global sources may be found on Wikipedia.  An interesting article suggesting that increased CO2 may be the consequense rather than the cause of global warming may be found here.  There are several ocean bugs and algae whose relation to CO2 may be fascinating, but it is definitely beyond the scope of this collection of posts.